Laulhère French is the oldest beret brand in France, since 1840

To know about the hat's brand

Hand crafted production, our culture and our 175 years of existence make Laulhère a very unique brand. The Laulhère factory stands on the same spot since its creation in 1840, nestled in the foothills of the Pyrenées Mountains in a town called Oloron-St-Marie.

A Noble Product

With unsurpassed raw materials, traditional hand-crafted production, and age-old know-how, Laulhère’s workshops all come together to make the b eret a noble product. It takes two full working days to make one, and sometimes longer, and a vast number of checks and adjustments to make each item a unique piece.

Over time they introduced another fine material with outstanding qualities, the Angora wool which they use to make their fashion items like hats, scarves and gloves – always with the same concern for detail.

This amazing know-how is of course offered to our fashion clients for their own collections and custom-made projects.




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